Vanuatu Flying Fox

The Vanuatu flying foxes can be found in the same areas as the bigger black flying fox but the black ones tend to  boost in large groups in big canopy trees such as the nabanga (banyan) whereas the Vanuatu flying foxes roost in small groups in smaller trees often coconuts. They feed on fruit and flowers of trees such as figs, bananas, breadfruit and coconut. They can be seen flying during the day more often than the other flying foxes in Vanuatu. They live on many islands in Vanuatu: Ambae, Ambrym, Aneityum, Aore, Efate, Emae, Emao, Epi, Erromango, Espirito Santo, Gaua, Lopevi, Maewo, Malakula, Malo, Moto Lava, Nguna, Pentecost, Tongoa, Ureparapara and Vanua lava. There are seven different subspecies.

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