Vanuatu National Land Use Planning Policy

This policy aims to guide land use planning by setting priorities and outlining legislative and institutional settings to enable land use planning that encourages the best current use of our land resources and at the same time allowing for future generations equitably benefit from the same resources. This policy can be regarded as a framework for land use planning, which is clearly emerging as a critical tool in our country's development.


This land use planning policy covers land use planning from rural communities through to our urban centres with the intention of achieving benefits for all of the people of Vanuatu both now and in the future.


The policy sits strategically under Vanuatu's Land sector Framework, and its development has included a comprehensive review of past land use planning activities as well as stakeholder consultation across the nation. Thus this National Land Use Planning Policy will help ensure that  use of land in Vanuatu, in both rural and urban areas, will help us achieve the vision set out in the Priority Action Agenda (PAA) of " An Educated , Healthy and Wealthy Vanuatu".

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