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07 February 2022 | dataset

Current national environment related policies and strategies

Current national policies and strategies related to the environment sector. These policies and strategies are being implemented by various Vanuatu government and non governmental institutions such the Ministry of Climate Change Adaptation (MoCCA), Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries, Forestry, and Biosecurity (MALFFB), Ministry of Lands, and Natural Resources (MoLNR), Ministry of Internal Affairs (MoIA), Ministry of Infrastructure and Public Utilities (MIPU), and their respective departments amongst other environmental stakeholders. These policies were developed after the launching of Vanuatu's National Sustainable Development Plan in 2015 and most of them are to be implemented before 2030. 

Data and Resource

Vanuatu National Energy Road Map 2016 - 2030 Updated

Vanuatu’s National Energy Road Map (NERM) was…

Vanuatu National Land Use Planning Policy

This policy aims to guide land use planning by…

Vanuatu National Land Subdivision Policy

This National Policy is the culmination of…

Vanuatu National Water Policy 2017 - 2030

The National Water Policy has defined seven…

Vanuatu National Livestock Policy 2015 - 2030

The National Livestock Policy covers key…

Vanuatu National Geospatial Data Policy 2020 - 2030

The policy creates a foreseeable pathway…

Vanuatu National Forest Policy 2013 - 2023

This Forest policy presents clear policy…

Vanuatu National Agriculture Sector Policy 2015 - 2030

This Agriculture Sector Policy (2015 - 2030),…

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