Vanuatu National Water Policy 2017 - 2030

The National Water Policy has defined seven priority areas for the Government of Vanuatu to strengthen water safety and security for all. The National Water Resources Advisory Committee (NRWAC) has been established under the Water Resources Management Act to guide the Director of the Department of Water Resources (DoWR) in the development of the National Water Policy.

Implementation  of the National Water Policy requires Provincial and Municipal Councils to pass drinking water by-laws clearly assigning and defining the consequences for water safety and security failures. The Water Resources Management Act has established Provincial Water Resources Advisory Committees (PWRAC) to coordinate activities such as the preparation of provincial water by-laws.

Compliance  with the National Water Policy will require Area Councils to develop enforceable rules prioritizing water safety and security. The enforceability of Area Council Rules will require Chiefs and Secretaries to combine both legal and social norms that enshrine water safety and security for all.

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