Vanuatu National Livestock Policy 2015 - 2030

The National Livestock Policy covers key issues relating to: farm animal genetic resources, livestock nutrition, feeds, farm inputs, animal diseases and pests, livestock marketing, food safety, quality assurance, research, extension and food security. We acknowledge that over 90% of Vanuatu’s land area is under customary or indigenous land ownership and that livestock is an integral activity for subsistence living in rural areas and contributing to food security and income generation for families and communities. Livestock farming brings in significant
foreign exchange earnings from exported beef meat and other products.

This Policy framework recognizes the major stakeholders in the livestock sector and it defines their respective roles. It also recognizes the impact of livestock activities on the environment and the availability of other natural recourses such as land, water, and wildlife/livestock interaction on livestock production.

The policy take cognizance of the difficulties of developing this sector due to the geographical spread of the islands and the meagre resources allocated to the sector to develop it into a vibrant and industry.

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